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Metro Alert - delay information by text to your mobile phone

Metro Alert - delay information by text to your mobile phone

To keep customers better informed of delays to services Tranz Metro offers a service called Metro Alert - Text. This service can provide information about train delays greater than 10 minutes via text message.

To subscribe to this handy service follow the simple steps.



To Sign Up/Subscribe

  1. Grab your phone and select text messaging
  2. You can subscribe to two types of service:
  • one that informs you of ALL delays on a line, OR
  • one that advises you of delays during the weekday morning and evening peaks (6.00am – 9.00am and 3.00pm - 6.00pm Monday to Friday) on a line.

To choose to receive delay messages for all services on a line enter the code for a line with the word ‘all’ next to it, e.g. join KPL all.

To only receive messages during weekday peaks (6.00am – 9.00am and 3.00pm - 6.00pm Monday to Friday) select a two word code e.g. join KPL.

Enter one of the following messages to subscribe to the appropriate line and send it to 3696:

Line  All Messages Or Peak Time Messages only
Kapiti join KPL all join KPL
Johnsonville join JVL all join JVL
Upper Hutt join HVL all join HVL
Wairarapa join WRL all join WRL
Melling join MEL all join MEL
Capital Connection join CAP all  

You will need to subscribe separately for each line.

You will shortly receive a text message confirming that you have successfully subscribed to a service. From now on you will receive text messages notifying you of delays of over 10 minutes.

 To Unsubscribe/Deregister

You can deregister (unsubscribe) at any time.

  1. Select text messaging on your mobile.
  2. Enter one of the following messages to unsubscribe from the appropriate line
    Kapiti quit KPL
    Johnsonville quit JVL
    Upper Hutt quit HVL
    Wairarapa quit WRL
    Melling quit MEL

    Capital Connection

    All lines

    quit CAP


    The ‘quit’ message will unsubscribe all services on a line. If you wish to change the service you subscribe to you must first unsubscribe to the service you currently receive and then subscribe to the new service e.g. send the message ‘quit KPL all’ and then send the message ‘join KPL'.

  3. Now send the message to 3696 


About the service

Q. I haven’t received a message yet, is the service working?
A. Yes, you will only receive a message if there are significant delays of over 10 minutes. No news is good news!

Q. I am only interested in the services I regularly catch. Can you only tell me when they are delayed? 
A. Depending on which service you are subscribed to, Metro Alert will either notify you of all major disruptions over 10 minutes on your line or disruptions during peak services (Monday to Friday between the hours of 5.30am – 9.00am and 4.30pm to 6.30pm). You cannot select a specific timeframe in which you receive delay messages. In the future we hope to offer notifications that are specific to the train you regularly catch.

Q. How much information will I receive?
A. Text messages can be up to 156 characters in length. You will receive a message advising you of the length of the delay (e.g. 20 minutes) and the reason for the delay. You will also be given an estimate of the timeframe in which normal services will resume.

Q. The messages I receive are from 3696, what is that number?
A. 3696 is the phone short-code number of our text messaging system, Metro Alert.

Q. Can I send messages to 3696?
A. You can send subscribe or unsubscribe messages to 3696.

Q. Why didn’t you tell me my train was late – I was signed up.
A. Metro Alerts are sent out at the discretion of Tranz Metro staff. Alerts are also dependent on mobile network availability.

Q. Do I pay for the Metro Alert service?
A. No, it is free.

Q. What should I do if I can't subscribe or unsubscribe?
A. Make sure your phone is not adding a signature such as 'sent by iPhone', to the end of your message. Also check if your phone has spam blocking enabled, which is usually in your phone's text settings. Try turning this off and subscribing. If this works, then make sure to add '3696' to your safe list. If you are still having problems subscribing or unsubscribing, please contact us by filling out the form on the Contact Us page

Q.  How do I unsubscribe if I now reside overseas?
A.   If you would like to unsubscribe from our texts and you are overseas you will need to contact us. Please use the contact form on our website and we will be able to assist you.

Trouble Shooting

Q. I have never used text messaging before – where do I start?
A. If you have never used text messaging before you can call your service provider's helpdesk and they will talk you through how to send a message on your mobile phone.
Alternatively – scroll through the menu system on your phone and look for a menu option such as “Messages” or “SMS”. Once you have selected that option you should have a choice such as “Send new” or “Write new” to send a text message.

Q. I keep getting a message saying “message failed” when I try to register.
A. That generally means that you are in a poor coverage area or are sending the message to the wrong short-code. Also check that your phone is not adding a signature to the message, such as 'sent by iphone', if this is added then you will need to turn the signature off before subscribing/unsubscribing.

Q. My phone has predictive text and I don’t know how to turn it off.
A. Every phone is different – we recommend that you call your service provider to ask them how to turn predictive text off. 

Station abbreviations

We use standard abbreviations for stations and lines in our passenger communications to make it easier for you to understand, these standard abbreviations are listed below. They are simply the first four letters of the station name. 

To view a network map with the station abbreviations on it, click here.

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